Drug Free


We will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week the week of 10/25/2021- 10/29/2021. Red Ribbon Week was established in 1985 as a way to educate children about healthy choices including from not choosing to try drugs and alcohol. It was founded originally to honor fallen DEA agent, Enrique “Kiki” Camarena, but today it is celebrated by school's across the country. Hanceville Elementary marks Red Ribbon with dress up days, special lessons/ activities, and a service project.


At school during Red Ribbon Week, we will be doing lessons and fun activities about making healthy choices as well as good boundaries and standing up to peer pressure, but of course, you at home are so important to helping your kids be their best. If you want to continue the conversation at home, here are some tips on talking to your kids about avoiding drugs.

1. Start young. You can help even the youngest kids by talking to them about how important it is to care for their body and make healthy choices.

2. Take advantage of “teachable moments.” You can use situations to broach the subject of avoiding drugs and alcohol. Books, movies, situations with friends, and advertisements can provide a jumping off point for a conversation.

3. Use developmentally appropriate language. The way you talk to a kindergartner is different than how you would talk to a high schooler. Keep it simple and bear in mind their attention span.

4. Make your expectations clear. Have rules with specific consequences for any kind of substance use.

5. Talk about natural consequences of drug use. Let kids know that drugs impact their health and emotional well-being. Tell the truth. Do not exaggerate or make up problems.

6. Help build your students self esteem every day. This probably the most important tip. Help them recognize that they are important and special. Good self esteem helps protect students and helps them stand up to peer pressure.

You have the opportunity help your child succeed in making healthy choices. Let us know if we at the school can support you in any way.