Science Fair

For the 2016-2017 school year, the topic was "Did you know...?"  There have been some amazing posters and lots of interesting facts and experiments.  Here are our school winners.


1st Walker Whaley

2nd George Lara

3rd Ily Bear

4th Charlotte Little

HM Monserrat Garcia

Second Grade

1st Jonah Penn

2nd Doltin Moore

3rd Millie Brown

4th Christian Whatley

HM Callie Aker

First Grade

1st Kynzlee Farr

2nd Lincoln Jones

3rd Ryan Fowler

4th Auburn Burtis

HM Kallista Calvert


Third Grade

1st Drake Bentley

2nd Miley Bales

3rd Solomon Penn

4th Kingsley Brown

HM Madison Fowler