Parent Resources

Click on the link above if your child's messy backpack needs a makeover.  Watch the video to find out how to get organized and stay organized.  See how to use color-coding and a backpack checklist to help your child keep track of homework and other important items.

To access Parent Home Portal to view grades, attendance, and/or announcements:  
Once you have received your username and password from school, you will need internet access to utilize the home portal. 

Open a web browser and follow the 2-step process:

You will first gain CCBOE network access by going to the web address:

(The INOW home portal web link can also be found at under PUBLIC - INOW Home Portal Login)

Enter the following information at this log in:

· Click OK
· The INOW login page will appear.
· Enter your INOW Home Portal username and password issued by your school.
(These will be different than the username/password used above.)

· You will be asked to change your password upon initial log-in.

· Remember to logout when you are finished working in the program.
· You may need to turn off your pop-up blocker (or adjust it to allow pop-up from the site) in order to view INOW.

· Please note: The Go-Green Option is currently unavailable. You may, however, go ahead and select the Go-Green option in the Home Portal (under settings) if you want to participate once the Go-Green option is available.

Here are a number of sites for math games to practice math skills online. has a number of math games. has interactive games for all subjects and grade levels has fun early learning activities on different subjects.
The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics has activities for all math levels.